Tap into our network of active and passive job seekers.

Direct Hire

All too often the Human Resources department is overworked. Your HR department's recruiting expertise may be focused on core competencies or simply doesn't have the immediate bandwidth for highly specialized technology searching.

If this is the case we can provide the expertise (and candidates!) you need.  We tap into our network of active and passive job seekers. Our team's expert industry knowledge enables us to identify candidates that are well suited to your organization.

Not only will we match candidates to your technical environment, we will ensure they are a fit for your company's culture.  We will screen, qualify, and check references on all applicants.

We also offer a variety of background check services and we can tailor a suitable background check package to suit your needs. Clients can choose as many of the following options as they need: criminal background checks, drug testing, employment verification and education verification.

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