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Client testimonials

My team has been working with Prime Team for several years now to recruit full time and contract resources. We've had a lot of success finding very qualified candidates. What sets Prime Team apart from the rest is their willingness and ability to truly understand our roles and the key candidate competencies we need. Understanding those things allows Prime Team to quickly find good candidates without us having to sift through a large list of mediocre to poor candidates.
Senior Manager, Process Engineering

Prime Team Partners ROCKS!!!! PTP is my "go to" agency when I have difficult positions to fill. They quickly came up to speed with our technology and culture to find us candidates who meet our requirements. They don't send us unqualified candidates and always go the extra mile for us. The relationship that PTP has with us is truly that of a partner organization. It's a pleasure doing business with them.
Talent Acquisition Manager

If I was going to sum up Prime Team Partner's approach to helping me place a high quality candidate I would say: "Insatiable". PTP has consistently provided me with high quality candidates with a minimum of fuss and overhead on my part. As a result, I've been able to fill my available positions with incredible employees in a very short time-frame. Whenever I have an open position, I insist on working with Darren [Darren on LinkedIn] and PTP.
Director, Product Development

Prime Team Partners continues to be our source of outstanding IT candidates. They consistently present the finest resources.
Chief Technical Officer

Prime Team Partners takes the time to understand your organization, its needs and deliver the high quality talent that is a true value add to the organization. Having recruited across multiple industries over the years, this is the only agency that I have used where I have been consistently impressed with the results. It is also the only agency that I will recommend to my peers. Prime Team Partners is honest, straightforward, efficient and committed to excellence. It is refreshing to do business with this team. I cannot recommend them enough!
HR Manager

Prime Team excels at understanding our staffing requirements and provides very qualified candidates through their network of professionals. The candidates from Sam [Sam on LinkedIn] and Prime Team are almost always the final candidate for every position.
Applications Manager

Working with Prime Team Partners has been great and they have helped scale our business over the past few years. They do a great job sourcing and screening so you aren't wasting your time talking with an unqualified candidate. They provide great customer service and have taken extra time to know my business.
Senior Product Development Manager

"We have enjoyed a long term relationship with Prime Team Partners. They understand our business and respond quickly with on target resources."
Managing Principal

Prime Team Partners was able to rapidly place two technical positions within my department. What I most appreciated is that I was able to describe what I was looking for in both positions inside of 30 minutes and PTP didn't waste my time with anyone unqualified."
Director, Technical Services

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