Why are Bay Area Software Engineers moving to Seattle?

Darren Hogben Darren Hogben | Wed, Aug 30, 2017

Geekwire recently reported that Seattle is the second largest employment market for technology jobs behind San Francisco. The growth in technology workers has attracted yet more companies to the area seeking to hire technology talent. Many of these companies are Bay Area stalwarts like Facebook, Google and Oracle. Others like Best Buy, Staples, Alibaba and EBay are looking to hire from the ecommerce talent pool created largely by Amazon. 

Apart from the abundance of great employment opportunities, technology workers are moving here from the Bay Area because of the lower cost of living, comparatively shorter commute times and the lack of state income tax. 

According to local tech firm Zillow, the median house price in Seattle is $690,300 while the median house price in San Francisco is almost double that at $1,227,900.

With the competitive hiring conditions in Seattle at the moment, many of our clients will pay all relocation costs for qualified candidates. If you would like to learn about some of the opportunities we have available, check out our careers page.

Darren Hogben

Darren Hogben

Technical Recruiter and business owner

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