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David Swan David Swan | Tue, May 23, 2017

 It can be very challenging to find that first job.  That’s why we were very excited to learn about Apprenti, a technology apprenticeship program. Apprenti is a registered technology apprenticeship program powered by the Washington Technology Industry Association with funding from the Department of Labor. 

The program includes a 12 month training program during which the apprentice is compensated at 60% of regular employees. Technical training is provided before the 12 month training program begins and includes a certificate of completion.

The program aims to reach under-represented to groups such as veterans, minorities, women, and others.

Applicants are chosen based on scores from a 114 question, multiple choice exam completed online. For more information about the program see the Apprenti website.

Click the link below for list of other technology internships and apprentices programs in and around Seattle.

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David Swan

David Swan

David Swan, a technology consultant and executive specializing in digital transitions and change management.

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